In the world of fine jewelry, Catherine Sarr, the creative visionary behind ALMASIKA fine jewelry, is a name synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Her illustrious career took a thrilling turn when she was approached by the Paris Basketball team to design a custom championship ring. This unique collaboration bridged the gap between sports and culture, breathing life into a new tradition within French basketball.

Born and raised in the enchanting city of Paris, Catherine Sarr now resides in Chicago, a place saturated in a long history of basketball. This connection adds depth and significance to her involvement with the Paris Basketball team. She was assigned with the task of infusing the Paris Basketball team championship ring with the essence of Parisian culture while honoring the American tradition of celebratory championship rings within sports.

Catherine's journey with Paris Basketball began with a shared set of values - exchange and dialogue. She was chosen for her expertise in design and her deep-rooted connection to France and Paris. With a blank canvas and open lines of communication, Catherine set out to craft a masterpiece that would symbolize not only the team's achievements but also the rich culture of France.

The choice of material for the ring was intentional - 18-carat gold. This precious metal symbolizes both the strength inherent in sports and the craftsmanship that defines fine jewelry. Catherine's meticulous approach to designing each piece of fine jewelry ensures that every detail serves a purpose.

The championship ring, crafted from sustainable and recycled gold, boasts a stunning array of 253 diamonds. Among these, 162 sparkling white diamonds and 91 natural black diamonds shimmer with a brilliance that mirrors the team's journey. But it's not just about the sparkle of the diamonds on the custom ring; it's about the subtle nods to Paris that make this ring truly unique.

Upon closer inspection, one can't help but notice and appreciate the iconic shape of the Eiffel Tower subtly integrated into the ring's design. This discreet feature pays homage to the team's and designer's Parisian origins, making it a truly remarkable piece of fine jewelry.

In 2023, Amar Gegić, a star player of the Paris Basketball team, received the championship ring as a testament to his hard-earned glory. Each diamond illuminating the ring is a reflection of his outstanding performance throughout the basketball season. Every sustainably sourced diamond represents the dedication, energy, and effort put into each game, bringing the Paris Basketball team closer to victory and unforgettable moments on the court for players and fans.

The championship ring isn't just a trophy; it's a work of art. ALMASIKA's signature style and intricate details are woven into every facet of the design. Grace and intention define this piece along with the others, capturing the essence of victory and celebrating the Paris Basketball team's achievements.

The collaboration between Catherine Sarr and the Paris Basketball team surpasses the boundaries of sports and art. It's a testament to the harmony between culture, tradition, and sports. The custom championship ring designed on behalf of ALMASIKA runs deeper than just a piece of fine jewelry; it's a symbol of incredibly hard work, a tangible representation of the intersection of two worlds. Art and sports.

The journey of Amar Gegić receiving the championship ring was thankfully not a private moment. It was an experience shared with the world. The emotion, praise, and excitement of the Paris Basketball team, the fans, and those in the arena were captured in a captivating manner. Expressing the journey as a testament to the enduring impact of sports and culture coming together to create something truly extraordinary and timeless.



In the wake of this collaboration, new standards have been set in the world of sports and fine luxury jewelry. Catherine Sarr, the visionary jewelry designer, eloquently expressed the beauty that resides in the time and energy devoted to the sport of basketball. Through her artistry, she has elevated a simple ring into a symbol of excellence, culture, and the enduring spirit of Paris Basketball.

ALMASIKA's championship ring for Paris Basketball is a jewel of elegance and culture, a symbol of strength and excellence that will forever be celebrated in the world of fine jewelry and sports history.