ALMASIKA is rooted in Art, Design, & Culture. 

Our jewelry is inspired by universal shapes and stories spanning generations and cultures.

Sculptural forms, soft curves and flowing lines define an effortless elegance for daring, curious luminaries.

The Universe


The UNIVERSUM jewelry collection comprises delicately sculpted circles radiating from a common center set with a single white diamond. This symbolic collection is inspired by timeless concentric circles that have appeared throughout the world and across eras of life in diverse landscapes.

An Ancestral talisman

Le Cauri Endiamanté

Queen of all shells, cowries have long been a symbol of spirituality, prosperity, and fertility. They have become synonymous with wealth and fortune, and continue to be worn as a talisman to bring good fortune.



The collection is a sculptural gold jewelry collection of ancient symbols representing traditional wisdom. An expression of deeply symbolic proverbs related to life and human aspirations



The collection is full of jewelry inspired by sound waves, the shapes in which those waves ebb and flow, and the idea that every being is made up of vibrating particles that resonate with sound.



Based on a map devoid of destinations, the pieces in this collection are Inspired by the idea of perspective, echoing the introspection of focusing on one’s true self as the vantage point of how we experience life.