HEIRLOOM TO CONTEMPORARY | The Perfect Pinky Ring for You

Feb 13, 2024
ALMASIKA reimagines pinky rings as a celebration of individual style and personality
Despite being worn on the smallest finger, a pinky ring can carry a big message, and one that can vary wildly according to the wearer. From simple and subtle to bold and sculptural, there is a wide range of pinky rings to compliment your personal style.



ALMASIKA Symbolic Signet Ring

Pinky rings adorned with a wearer's coat of arms were traditionally used to sign letters and documents by pressing these rings onto wax seals, and later the same signet style would evolve to showcase family lineage, power and social associations.

ALMASIKA embraces this time-honored tradition with its Sagesse Signet Rings, which are made of 18-karat gold and feature Veni, Vidi, Vici, and Stella symbols, with a natural diamond at the center.


ALMASIKA 18k Architectural Pinky Ring with Marquise Diamond

In the 20th century, pinky rings became less about traditional associations and more about personal style. Pinky rings were worn as a symbol of self-expression in major artistic and culturally-rich cities and became emblematic of a modern spirit.

Fusing meaning and distinctive sculptural forms, our Harmony, Adiré, and Veni Diamant Pinky Rings offer a new perspective on the possibility of pinky rings. These architectural iterations deliver a modern interpretation of the classic style and offer a source of visual interest to any look.


ALMASIKA 18k Concentric Circle Pinky Ring

Across cultures and generations, pinky rings have told a story about the wearer and have become, more than any other ring, an extension of individual style. It is a piece that, understandably, becomes part of your everyday life.

Our Universum Pinky Rings, symbolizing the universe, is a versatile and easy everyday expression of your story. The real trick of the pinky ring is in being able to tell the story and meaning behind it. So whether you go for a classic heirloom-style signet, something delicate and understated, or a combination of architectural forms and soft curves, you’ll never want to leave your pinky bare again.