Dec 11, 2021

On September 30th, Jane M Saks and Tarrah Cooper Wright joined Catherine Sarr for the debut and celebration of ALMASIKA new HARMONY Collection, inspired by the universal language of sound. 

Guests gathered at BIÂN, Chicago's pioneering wellness and social club. During the event, guests were able to interact with jewelry from all four collections — connecting with the design aesthetic and ethos behind each piece.


ALMASIKA Jewelry event at BIAN
Left to right: Almasika Trunkshow at BIAN 
HARMONY turned to the universal language of sound, the shapes in which sound waves ebb and flow, and the thought that every being is made up of vibrating particles that resonate with sound.  Since ancient times and across cultures, humans have used sound to restore their vibration to a state of harmony.

 It was this intentionality that we wanted our guests to leave with, whether it be because of the space itself or manifested through a piece from our newest collection.