Catherine Sarr

Paris-born, Chicago-based jeweler Catherine Sarr celebrates the symbols, stories and forms that unite people across cultures and generations, through fine jewelry that combines art, design and storytelling. After a decade in London working in the highest echelons of the luxury diamond industry, in 2014 Catherine founded Almasika with the aim of creating jewelry that is not only beautiful, but meaningful.

An avid art collector, patron and co-founder of the Prix Sarr in partnership with Beaux-Arts de Paris, Catherine supports artists from across the globe. She has long been inspired by the power of art to spark dialogue and tell stories. Having lived on three continents, she is fascinated by the universal significance of shapes and symbols. Her designs are rooted in symbolism that transcends culture and connects people who share an appreciation of creativity, craftsmanship and form. 


"I worked for various luxury and diamond brands promoting craftsmanship from around the world, including several years spent at DeBeers. As my journey has taken me from Paris, London, Abu Dhabi to now Chicago, my guiding philosophy has been to find what we have in common with others."



Art, Design & Culture. ALMASIKA merges an abundance of influences. We embrace global traditions to create sculptural jewelry rooted in the universal symbols and stories spanning generations and cultures. We embarked on a journey following a singular philosophy – to explore what we have in common with others.
Softness, Curves & Timelessness. ALMASIKA’s signature aesthetic of abstract lines and organic curves reflects an effortless, typically Parisian elegance. Sculptural, flowing shapes are designed to echo the contours of a woman’s body and come to life against her skin - whether worn alone or stacked with other pieces as an expression of her identity.
Contemplation, Reflection & Discussion, ALMASIKA learns from cultural craftspeople who act both as interlocutors and sources of inspiration, setting in motion an artistic and intellectual dialogue. Each has contributed to the genesis of the house’s powerful contemporary jewelry. 


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Daring, Curious & Confident. We design for women who are inherently curious, passionate about the world and have a great sense of style. Sought after by discerning art collectors, creatives and intellectuals, ALMASIKA jewelry has been worn by notable luminaries in all fields. The ALMASIKA woman dresses for herself first and foremost, exuding an innate sense of elegance and confidence.”


Lossa Pardo for ALMASIKA

Distinctive, Unique & Responsible. We take pride in creating unique and distinctive designs that come to life in the hands of master craftsmen. Each piece of ALMASIKA jewelry is crafted using 18kt gold with natural, sustainably sourced diamonds. As a member of the board of directors of the Diamonds Do Good Foundation, we partner with suppliers who share her commitment to responsible sourcing and exceptional craftsmanship.