ALMASIKA stems from ALMASI the Swahili word for diamond and SIKA, meaning gold, in numerous West African languages. The fusion of ALMASI and SIKA, ALMASIKA, evokes strength; the two natural treasures are intrinsically linked to the continent, the two join to form a symbiosis of beauty.


We debuted in the legendary colette Paris concept store in 2014, with our first collection, the now iconic Le Cauri Endiamante; a reinterpretation in gold and diamonds of the cowrie shell. Our unique homage to this ancestral symbol of spirituality, immediately garnered global press, along with the attention of tastemakers around the world.






We pride ourselves in creating unique and distinctive designs,  that come to life in the hands of master craftsmen. Our jewelry is made using 18K gold. All our diamonds are  100%  natural and conflict-free.