Sotheby's Exhibition - Sept 2021

Sep 16, 2021
From left to right: Universum Tsavorite Cuff, Le Cauri Endiamanté Earrings, Vici Charm Earrings

We are delighted to have contributed 3 creations to this extraordinary exhibition. 

"As the first of its kind, Sotheby’s will stage a selling exhibition dedicated to showcasing the extraordinary skill, imagination and craftsmanship of Black jewelry designers. On view and open to the public in New York from September 17–26, Brilliant and Black: A Jewelry Renaissance will feature approximately 60 pieces by 21 of the world’s leading Black jewelry designers."
"Curated in partnership with celebrated writer, author and stylist Melanie Grant, the selling exhibition — the most ambitious to date — presents a selection of jewels of exceptional artistry, quality and historical importance" 


The Universum Cuff, part of our Sagesse Collection, is modeled after a 15th century bronze crown and royal golden disks. Concentric circles are at the center of the piece. Representing the universe, this motif has appeared throughout the world and across eras, etched in boulders in the Sahara and found in valleys in Arizona. The symbol is comprised of delicately sculpted circles radiating from a common center set with a single tsavorite.


Le Cauri Endiamanté Earrings reimagine a natural treasure rich with symbolism in rhodium plated 18k gold and white diamonds: the cowrie shell. Cowries, considered the queen of all shells, have long been a symbol of prosperity, spirituality and fertility. From ancient times through to the late 19th Century, they were used for ornamentation and even currency, and they are still used today in the Art of Divination. They have become synonymous with wealth and fortune, and continue to be worn as a talisman to bring good fortune in many cultures.



The ‘Vici’ Earrings represent the third portion of the phrase 'I came, I saw, I conquered' from our Sagesse Collection. The ‘Vici’ comb encompasses a feminine force, often associated with patience, prudence and care. From ancient Egypt to contemporary times, the combination of beauty and power has been captivating.