Finalist Best in Gold | Couture 2022

Oct 7, 2022

COUTURE is the premier destination where the designer jewelry industry from renowned heritage brands, emerging design talent, the finest retailers and award-winning media gathers to connect and collaborate every year at the luxurious Wynn Las Vegas. Editors from magazines such as Town & Country, InStyle, Vogue, Women's Wear Daily seek cutting-edge trends and innovative designs. 

This year, ALMASIKA was honored to be chosen as a finalist in the BEST IN GOLD category. COUTURE Design Awards are the highlight of the weekend. All pieces entered into this prestigious design competition are put on display. A unique panel made up retailers, editors and fellow designers judge each piece on design, craftsmanship and salability. 


“What happens when our most creative minds stretch the boundaries of design.”

-By Couture



This was not the first ALMASIKA garnered acclaim from the Couture Design Awards. In 2021, ALMASIKA, having entered the Universum Cuff in Tsavorite, was a finalist in the category, BEST IN DEBUTING. 



Universum Cuff, BEST IN DEBUT 2021

The Universum Cuff, part of the Sagesse Collection, is modeled after a 15th century bronze crown and royal golden disks. Concentric circles are at the center of the piece. Representing the universe, this motif has appeared throughout the world and across eras, etched in boulders in the Sahara and found in valleys in Arizona. The symbol is comprised of delicately sculpted circles radiating from a common center set with a single tsavorite.

Vici Earrings, BEST IN GOLD 2022

The ‘Vici’ Earrings represent the third portion of the phrase 'I came, I saw, I conquered' from our Sagesse Collection. The ‘Vici’ comb encompasses a feminine force, often associated with patience, prudence and care. From ancient Egypt to contemporary times, the combination of beauty and power has been captivating.