ALMASIKA is rooted in Art, Design, and Culture. Our jewelry is inspired by universal shapes and stories spanning generations and cultures. Sculptural forms, soft curves and flowing lines define an effortless elegance.

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TERRA NOVA | reflection on perspective

Terra Nova Marquise Ring
Terra Nova Enamel and Diamond Globe Necklace

Based on a map devoid of destinations, Terra Nova imagines international lines that shift, distort, and altogether disappear. This reflection on the idea of perspective began to shape the abstract vision of Earth: one where the center is wherever you are.

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LE CAURI ENDIAMANTÉ | an ancestral talisman

Le Cauri Endiamanté Collection Image
Le Cauri Full Pave Necklace
Le Cauri Demi Pave Huggies

Le Cauri Endiamanté, reimagines the cowrie shell in 18-carat gold and diamonds. An ancient symbol of prosperity, spirituality and fertility, cowries have been used as adornment and currency for generations, and are considered talismans in cultures around the world.

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SAGESSE | reflecting on wisdom

Universum Pave Ring
Universum 23mm Medallion

The Sagesse ‘wisdom’ collection explores the duality of adornment and spirituality. Inspired by ancient cross-cultural symbols that evoke traditional wisdom: from the concentric circles of Universum; to Vidi, the eye; and Vici, the comb. Stella, the star, and Veni, a lozenge associated with the four moments of the sun, complete the range.

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BERCEAU | celebration of the human form

Berceau Collection
Berceau Cinq Ring
Berceau Pave Open Cuff

The Berceau ‘cradle’ collection takes inspiration from the Cradle of Humanity, and the ancestral adornments that became an extension of the human form. Simple, organic lines follow the curves of the body, appealing to our innate aesthetic sensibilities.

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HARMONY | universal language of sound

Harmony Collection
Harmony Marquise Ring
Harmony Marquise Tennis Bracelet

The Harmony necklaces collection visually reflects the continuous nature of sound waves that envelop and heal. These pieces should remind us that the brief moments of dissonance we all experience are short lived. The true state of harmony is a lasting one.

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