Rooted in art

Rooted in art, design & culture, ALMASIKA sits at the meeting point of a thousand influences. We embrace the traditions of the wider world to create sculptural jewelry inspired by the universal symbols, shapes and stories that transcend cultural boundaries.

Softness and curves are a signature, echoing the lines of the body. Necklaces undulate delicately, bracelets twine, earrings nestle. The pieces come to life on contact with the body, and are designed to take you through the day and into the evening.

Contemplation, reflection, and discussion form the triple foundation of the ALMASIKA approach. From architects and art historians to engineers and artisans, cultural craftspeople act both as interlocutors and sources of inspiration, setting in motion an artistic and intellectual dialogue. Each has contributed to the genesis of the house’s powerful contemporary jewelry


I was born in Paris to Beninese parents. After graduating, my passion for jewelry led me to venture to London, where I worked for various luxury brands promoting craftsmanship from around the world, including several years spent at the heart of the diamond and fine jewelry industry.

As my journey has taken me on to Abu Dhabi and now Chicago, my guiding philosophy has been to find what we have in common with others. It’s an approach that I have carried into ALMASIKA, to offer jewelry that does more than just sparkle.

Catherine Sarr