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ALMASIKA is rooted in Art, Design, and Culture. Our jewelry is inspired by universal shapes and stories spanning generations and cultures. Sculptural forms, soft curves and flowing lines define an effortless elegance. 

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"Almasika Jewelry has caught the attention of the art and design crowd"
-Galerie Magazine

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Top to bottom: Universum Pave Ring, Pave Bracelet, 23mm Medallion
"An expression of deeply symbolic proverbs related to life and human aspirations, SAGESSE — the French word for wisdom — combines the time honored and the contemporary through distinctive minimalist talismans."




Top to bottom: Le Cauri Pave Necklace, Tennis Bracelet, Demi Pave Huggies 

"Revisiting a storied symbol of spirituality: the cowry shell. From ancient times to the late 19th Century, cowries have been used as ornaments and even as currency  becoming synonymous with wealth and fortune. They continue to be worn as talismans in different parts of the world to bring good fortune." 

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Top to bottom: Berceau Diamond Hoops, Diamond Cuff, Diamond Necklace

 "Named for the French word cradle —BERCEAU pays homage to tradition, reinterpreting ancestral adornments to celebrate and become an extension of the natural human form. The design is inspired by the Great Rift Valley — believed to be the cradle of humanity"

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Top to bottom: Harmony Studs, Tennis Bracelet, Tennis Necklace

"Inspired by sound waves, the shapes in which those waves ebb and flow, and the thought that every being is made up of vibrating particles that resonate with sound. We created designs that manifest sound as both a stimulus and a sensation. Since ancient times and across cultures, humans have used sound to restore their vibration to a state of harmony"

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