Harmony - Petite Pendant Necklace ALMASIKA
Harmony - Petite Pendant Necklace ALMASIKA

Harmony - Petite Pendant

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18k Yellow Gold and White Marquise Diamond Necklace

10mm Pendant on 16" chain


Turning to the universal language of sound

Our HARMONY collection is inspired by sound waves, the shapes in which those waves ebb and flow, and the thought that every being is made up of vibrating particles that resonate with sound. Since ancient times and across cultures, humans have used sound to restore their vibration to a state of harmony.

This intention behind HARMONY— to help remind the wearer of the slower, deeper vibrations that harmonize us when our energy may have become imbalanced. Created in 18-karat gold and marquise diamonds, the HARMONY necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings visually reflect the continuous nature of sound waves that envelop and heal.

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