At the crossroads of a thousand influences, Almasika embraces the cultural traditions of the world at large, setting in motion an artistic and intellectual dialogue by means of a jewelry of timeless and universally recognized beauty.

The materials that Catherine Sarr uses are chosen for their value in her eyes; the manner in which she treats them gives them their value in ours.

Softness and curves are the rule here, echoing the outlines of our bodies. Necklaces undulate delicately, bracelets twine, earrings nestle. The jewel comes to life on contact with the body, and can therefore accompany that body on every occasion.

Contemplation, reflection, and discussion constitute the tripartite foundation of Almasika’s approach, which is thus close to contemporary art. Architects, art historians, engineers, artisans and cultural craftspeople in general are all interlocutors and sources of inspiration for Almasika, and all play their part in the house’s creation of fabulously powerful contemporary collections.

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